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Hey there! I am Maaz Khurram, a passionate Electrical Engineer with a strong interest in Analog IC Design. Check out some of the projects I have been working on below! Looking back, I have spent countless late nights in the engineering labs or at home troubleshooting new projects and fine-tuning old ones. The projects below have been instrumental in my journey of technical learning and growth, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Note: Much of the credit goes to the incredible professors, technicians, mentors, and colleagues who were always there when I needed help. Their willingness to share their precious time with an engineering student eager to learn made all the difference.

- Dr. Leonid Belostotski (Instructor - Analog IC + RFIC Design @ UofC)

- Dr. Denis Onen (Instructor - Digital System Design @ UofC)

- Dr. Kartikeya Murari (Instructor - Semiconductor Physics , UofC)
- Devin Atkin (Academic sponsor for Capstone project @ UofC)
- Alex Sheldon (Graduate Research Student @ UofC)
- Mohamed Balla Elamien (Academic advisor for Capstone project @ UofC)
- John Shelley (EE Lab Technologist @UofC)
- Richard Galambos (EE Lab Technologist @ UofC)
- Stefan Lund (Internship supervisor @ Garmin Canada)
- Martin Bobek (Co-worker @ Garmin Canada)
- and many more whose names I may not remember...

Analog IC Design Videos
(Youtube Playlist)



A 1 MS/s, 8.33-bit ENOB Low-Area CT Δ-Σ ADC for CMOS Image Sensors 

An ADC designed for novel wide-dynamic range high-speed digital cameras in self-driving automotive applications

A Low-Power 10GHz LC VCO With Digitally Assisted Tuning for High-Speed Wireline

A low phase-noise VCO designed for 10-25Gbps Serdes links with coarse digital tuning and fine analog tuning 

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 7.34.05 PM.png

 Low-Area Low-Power Nauta Transconductor 

A 689.1MHz GBWP , 503uS Nauta-based transconductor optimized for low-area and low power consumption. The transconductor can be used as a Gm-C integrator in first order delta-sigma ADCs image sensing applications

2.4GHz RF Module

2.4GHz RF module. Employs Nordic's Enhanced ShockBurst protocol and communicates to an external MCU via SPI. Designed in Altium

nRF module.png

10-Minute Stopwatch

TTL logic stopwatch with a pause/play and reset option. Utilizes a 9V to 5V regulator, 555-timer based clock and 74- series logic chips.

741 Op-Amp (Discrete Transistor Version)

LM741 op-amp made with good old 2N3904 and 2N3906 BJTs.

This PCB was authorized by Department of Electrical and Software Engineering, University of Calgary to be used in lab sessions for introductory Electrical Engineering courses taken annually by more than 800 first-year students.

741 op-amp.png

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