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Other Projects

Dual-Rail Low noise Power Supply
(BSc Year 3 Hobby Project)

A dual-rail (5V and 3.3V) power supply design with a transient noise spec of 5uV peak. 

FPGA-based distance-measuring module (BSc Year 3 Semester Project)

A distance sensor with custom digital logic and analog filtering to interpret incoming sensor data and show processed distance information on the display.  

Route Optimizer
(BSc Year 3 Semester Project)

A mesh radio network of garbage detection nodes on each waste bin to optimize the route of garbage collection trucks resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint over the years. 

WalkEZ (BSc Year 2 Semester Project)

A smart distance-sensing walking stick with audio and haptic feedback for the visually impaired.

Optimized Emergency Response System
(BSc Year 2 Hobby Project)

A Python simulation to create a rule-set for future traffic optimization algorithms in self-driving cars with a focus on emergency/priority traffic scenarios

Parking Lot Simulator
(BSc Year 1 Academic Project)

An interactive parking lot simulator programmed in Java.

The 5-Stage Biometric Door Lock
(Grade 8 Hobby Project)

A modular electronic door lock design with 5 stages of authentication.

Automated Home Lights with Voice Recognition+WiFi
(Grade 8 Hobby Project)

A lighting solution for my room based on microcontrollers and relays with 4-way activation:

1. Motion-based activation
2. Voice-based activation and configuration
3. Bluetooth-based activation and configuration
4. Wi-Fi-based activation and configuration

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